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Allow us to assist you in assessing your current security, its strengths, its weaknesses and how well it corresponds to your present and futur needs. You will find below questions and assistance to perform an accurate and objective diagnostic of your security situation and of your needs.

Policy statement: All the information you may indicate here is on a volunteer basis, will remain confidential, will not be sold, rented or used for any other purposes than to assist you. If you decide to give only partial information, the assessment will be performed based on the answers given. You will remain anonymous unless you expressly agree to have this information labelled and saved against an identification of your choice.

Any suggestions on how to improve this assessment process is appreciated. This area of the web site is the result of years of experience and the cumulation of many suggestions, both ours and mostly that of customers, like you. We appreciate your helping us helping you as well as the security community at large.

To access these pages, please contact us with an indication that you wish to proceed to an assesement. We will be glad to provide infomration on how to proceed to perform the the security assesment.

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