Classic Bio Smarts
Your passport to security
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Technical Specifications
Description BioSmart Reader
Part Number FKBUW1
Power Supply +12vdc @ 150ma
Temperature Range -20C to + 40C
Physical Dimensions 180mm (7") x 126mm (5") x 35mm (1.5")
Weigand Port 5 wire screw-on removable connector
(6 wire option available)
Protocol Weigand
Bit Stream Length programmed by card, 26-112 bits
Bit Stream Source configurable, any data sector in the card
Sector Keys configurable
Pin Combination 1 to 14 digit pins, both for normal and duress codes
Visual Indicator red/green led
Audio Indicator 3 tones (card read, card accepted, card rejected)
*Specifications subject to change without notice