Mini Smarts MCSFT1 card formatter
Your passport to security
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The MCSCT1 is a miniature, self-contained, serial ISO14443A reader. Its small dimensions allow for portable and table top use. Its two-part casing allows for simple mounting to walls, doorjambs, gang-boxes and microphone stands (goose neck mounting).

The MCSCT1 reader is designed to perform transactions with contactless smart cards. You can deploy as many interfaces as you need, set them in a network and control your production.

The development, control, security and integrity of financial transactions is critical. Exposed to the requirements of the ACID test, we have devised special systems where financial transactions are made in a double-legged fashion. Knowledge about computer systems is abundant (increasing the exposure to tampering) and financial systems need to reveal any discrepancies. To this effect, we have devised a double-card system where credits in one card are always counterbalanced by debits in another card. Financial groups installing transaction readers will find the security features of this product familly most appealing.

These special units comprise two readers. The first reader transacts with the client card, while the second transacts with a merchant card. The purpose of the second reader and the merchant card is to act as an electronic cash drawer that keeps running totals of various debits and credits. Multiple electronic cash drawers can be maintained in a merchant card to facilitate transaction reconciliation if discrepancies are revealed. Whenever credits are added or removed from the client's card, the reverse operations are automatically performed on the merchant's card. The system automatically performs balanced operations and there is no provision for the host to ask the system to credit an amount in one card and debit a different amount in the other card. Credits are transferred from one encrypted media (client card) to another encrypted media (merchant card) directly by the system. Transaction integrity is verified by the system and back-rolled by the system when the transaction cannot be completed correctly. Having a detailed electronic trail on the cash register's hard disk is an interesting prospect. Being able to reconcile it with account balances in a secured encrypted domain adds an appreciable amount of security and integrity to the system.

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