Mini Smarts MCSCT1 deployment reader
Your passport to security
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Mini Smarts MCSCT1 deployment reader
A Smart Card reader/writer that allows you to deploy your own card application

    Open system
  • Full ISO14443A compatibility
    • Any type and any size of Mifare card
  • Supports all forms of Mifare transactions (ISO14443A)
    • Full binary access to the data of all applications and sectors
    • Full arithmetic function support
  • Interfaces with any host computer with a serial "COM" port
  • Interfaces with any host operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • Supports all forms and sizes of Mifare cards, watches, etc...
  • Supports all application areas (16 for Mifare Classic, 32 for Mifare Pro)
  • Supports two independent keys for each application
  • Supports independent access conditions for each key
  • Uses ISO14443A mutual authentification
  • Anti-playback attack protection
  • Mifare compliant Crypto1 encryption
  • Supports multiple embedded keys and certificates
  • Prevents host programming errors from damaging keys and access conditions
  • Inhibits hackers from altering keys and access conditions
  • 2 cm read range
  • Contactless technology - no sliding or swiping action required
  • Cards can be read without being removed from purse or wallet
  • Unlimited host-based keys and certificates
  • RS232 reader - works off your host computer's serial "COM" port
  • Use with table top, laptop, PDA, etc...
  • May be used on the table top, wall mounted, fits on doorjambs, microphone stands (goose neck mounting), etc...
    ADA ready
  • Has visual, audio and tactile feedback for the disabled
    Reliable and Economical
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology (yearly failure rate of less than 2 units per 1000)
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