Mini Smarts MCDKT1 development kit
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Mini Smarts MCDKT1 development kit

The MCDKT1 software development kit was designed to allow you to easily develop your own contactless smart cards application. The reader's onboard computer takes charge of all the complexities involved with noisy real-time RF communication and delivers a robust and reliable development environment. Reading and writing to a card is rendered virtually as simple as reading and writing to any other storage media. In no time flat, you can develop fidelity, time and attendance, payment, debit and credit applications. You concentrate on what you want to do, not on how a contactless card works.

This product uses pre-defined development keys so that you don't have to bother on the onset with complex cryptography. Once your application is completed, you can easily change the cryptographic key set and secure your "real" application environment from the R&D environment, with minimal risk and complexity by deploying with the MCSFT1 and MCSCT1 units. Creating your own application and safely deploying it has never been possible with such a low risk and astounding simplicity.

The development of applications is a critical task. Our consulting division can craft a custom application to your exacting specifications or you may decide to craft these applications yourself. This application development kit caters to this need. This kit provides the necessary elements and technical support to develop successful applications.

This kit provides the necessary elements to allow your application designer to develop a working application without the knowledge of the final keys to be used in the application and with development cards (media). This kit uses a published set of pre-loaded development keys that your designers may use to develop and test the application. When you are ready to release the new application program, simply substitute the development key set used in the development kit with the application specific key set. This immediately secures your application data to pre-approved programmed functionality as developers don't have and don't need to have the specific keys used in your application deployment. At AmeriSys, we do everything possible to ensure the security and integrity of your application environment data.

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