Access Control Migration System
Your passport to security
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Card Cloner Tool
Benefit from our state-of-the-art technology:

    Get ready for the future - the easy way
    Want to migrate toward contactless smart cards...
            ... and then to FIPS-201 ...
                   ... without the migraines?

  • Just upgrade to AmeriSys cards and readers
  • Our unique technology makes the transition manageable
  • Upgrade the cards and readers today
  • Gradually update the controllers and databases on a door-by-door basis later
  • Our unique technology makes this possible and is seamless for the cardholders
  • Preserves your old legacy card codes - controller databases remain unaffected
  • Automatically encodes cards - no-liainer - no mumble - no fumble operation
  • Automatic logging of card information transfers and cross-reference table generation
  • Supports stand-alone operation
  • Supports computer supervised operation
  • Optional support software included
  • API available
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