ISO 14443A & ISO 14443B
Your passport to security
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The International Standards Organisation defines world class standards. We firmly believe in the importance of being compatible to such standards. We are active participants in the crafting of ISO standards. The ISO14443 standard defines 2 major branches (ISO14443 and ISO14443B) of Contactless Proximity devices. Our product line has devices for each of those two branches.

ISO14443A is the most mature technology. It is technically more challenging to design because it allows 100% RF carrier modulation. ISO14443B mandates a modulation of 10%. This has some major impacts in resistance to interference. ISO14443Bdevices are inherently 10 times more prone to interference than ISO14443A devices. Under some circumstances, ISO14443B systems fail while ISO14443A systems operate normally.

We therefore suggest to consider ISO14443A systems instead of ISO14443B. As time passes by, the 13.56MHz band may become more and more occupied. We believe that an ISO14443Asolution is more robust and provides a better long term interference protection to our customer's investment in cards and readers. Nonetheless, for the well informed, adventurous customers, we may provide some ISO14443B compatible solutions.

ISO14443 doesn't define data encryption methods. Although a reader maybe compatible to these standards, it may not be capable of deciphering and communicating with another manufacturer's cards. For this reason, we do not boast "dual mode" readers and we always reveal to our customers who's encryption we abide by. For example, our ISO14443A devices adhere to the Philips/MiFare encryption. Our customers benefit from the knowledge and ability they have of aquiring their cards from multiple sources, with the knowledge that their investment is using a safe and mature technology which has withstood the test of time.