Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. What is access control?
  2. What is Access Control

    Access control
    means to regulate and monitor access to premises, information, services, resources and facilities.

    Regulating access to a premise
    means taking control of who accesses what, when, where and why.

    means recording use and access and keeping the information on file for futur reference.
  3. What is a Universal reader?
  4. What do the cards look like?
  5. How do these new readers fit in?
  6. Can I get away without a controller?
  7. I have special needs, can you help me?
  8. What do access control systems look like?
  9. How can I do more than just access control?
  10. How do proximity smart cards enhance security?
  11. How do proximity smart cards fit in access control?
  12. What role will smart cards play in access control down the road?